Garage Door Repair

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Prolific Garage Doors Service & Repair

Do you need to have your garage door repaired? Trust only the number one in the industry — Prolific Garage Doors. We have the best team of expert professionals who know how to handle each and every type of garage door and its components. From broken rollers to faulty garage door openers to bent door tracks and damaged garage door springs — we know how to fix it quickly and efficiently. Contact us at‪ (404) 661 2234‬ now.

Broken Garage Door Springs

 Our technicians are well-trained and can handle any type of problem with your broken garage door springs. Whatever is the problem with your torsion springs, we are equipped to help you.
What’s more, Prolific Garage Doors guarantees that our torsion springs are of the best quality and durability. As such, we offer LIFETIME warranties when you use our garage door springs and avail our services. Our warranty covers all labor charges for replacing or adjusting door springs. We do not just value your business, we will care for your garage door spring needs for a lifetime.
We pride ourselves in providing you with assistance as you need it and when you need it. No matter the time of night or the kind of weather, when you call and need our assistance, you will always be a priority. That’s Prolific service for you!

Replace Broken Rollers

When it comes to garage doors, Prolific Garage Doors is the name you can trust. We are the industry leader in the installation and repair of garage doors and all of its components. Even for a simple problem like broken or malfunctioning rollers, do not hesitate to go to us. We will always do our best to give you the best value for your money, with only the highest quality service from our technicians.
When you contact us, we will only dispatch our best and most qualified technicians to service your garage door requirements. No matter what your needs are, from as simple as lubricating your garage door rollers to replacing your heavy garage door, you can trust our technicians to always give you the most cost-effective professional advice.
We also provide only the trusted brands and makes for your rollers, springs and the likes.

Garage Door Cable Repair

In our years in the business, safety has always been our primary concern. It is important to us that your garage door is not only in working order but will not cause undue harm.
This is why we thoroughly check all the components of your garage door, especially your cables because these are prone to wear and tear and if not properly maintained, will likely cause accidents.
When we mobilize our technicians to either install or check on your garage door, the conduct of safety checks is part of their standard operation. 

Garage Door Drum Replacement

Whenever you encounter an issue with your garage door, it is important that you have it serviced immediately to prevent the problem from affecting the other components. When you don’t take any action to fix a damaged part of your garage door, there can only be two possible outcomes. One, it may lead to bigger problems as it will likely affect the workings of the other components. Or worse, it may cause accidents.
As such, do not hesitate to contact Prolific Garage Doors for the proper maintenance of your garage doors. We value your trust and confidence in us. We will always give you the most cost-effective advice with regard to your garage door needs.

Bent Garage Door Tracks

If want to install a new garage door or simply want to have your existing one serviced, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We carry all the best brands and models, we are known for our professionalism and expertise. No matter what you need, even if its just for quick fixes of your bent garage door tracks, broken springs or rollers and the like, take advantage of our Prolific service and you will definitely never go wrong.
Our technicians are not just good in what they do, they are pretty fast too. We have never reneged on our promise of customer satisfaction.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

A broken or bent garage door or panel usually happen by accident, such as when you are trying to back out of your garage door and you hit the bottom portion. Unfortunately, if you don’t get this fixed, it may not only affect the other components of your garage door but compromise the security and safety of your home. As such, never hesitate to call the Prolific Garage Doors, the industry leader in installing and maintaining garage doors. We will replace your garage door at the most reasonable cost.

We have been hailed as having the most experienced and professional technicians. This is because, being a family-owned business, we want to ensure that you only get the best service from us.

Garage Door Weather Stripping

Prolific Garage Doors is trusted and respected in the industry for our expertise and high quality service. From minor fixes to major repairs and installations, our dedicated customers patronize us as we are always prompt, effective and professional. You can trust that all of our service and maintenance work is done with only the utmost quality.
What’s more, we only carry durable and reliable parts and components for your garage door. Our weather seals and insulators, for example, work doubly hard in all kinds of weather and keeps away unwanted dirt, leaves and water from your garage. This is because we want only the best for our customers.

Garage Door Insulation

We at Prolific Garage Doors know fully well the benefits of a proper insulation on your garage door. That is why we always advise our customers to make their garage energy-efficient by providing recommendations on the appropriate insulation materials and brands.
Whether you need garage door insulation installed or want us to fix your broken springs, bent rollers or the like, we will always be at your service. We will not just provide you our products and services at the lowest possible cost but more importantly, give you amazing deals and discounts. All these on top of the best professional garage door service in the industry. What more can you ask for?

Garage Door Tune-up and Inspection

We are fully aware that some people do not want their garage doors regularly serviced for fear that it will be costly and that they will be taken advantage of. We at Prolific Garage Doors know that you have a lot of concerns and we never want you to be additionally burdened by costly maintenance service or repairs. We can proudly say that our best service come at the lowest possible price. You can trust us to do quality work on all your garage door needs.